CrossFit Cairns (Chalk) Handstand 2023

HangStrong CrossFit Cairns (chalk) Workshop
This 90 Min seminar caters for athletes of an Advanced Level. You will receive hands on coaching from an experienced gymnastics and CrossFit coach. The cost of the seminar is $75.00 AUD Per Athlete and the following movements will be covered in this Workshop.

Gymnastics Style Warm Up
Dynamic full body warm up and stretching.

Core Stability
Static and explosive mid body exercises to strengthen and improve body control during movements.

Handstand Positioning / Walking / HSPU

Drills, techniques and hands on coaching to help with body awareness during the skill.

  • How to kick into handstand
  • How to transition in walking
  • Kipping HSPU efficiency
  • Strict HSPU positioning

Warm Down & Mobility
Gymnastics specific stretching to improve mobility and range.