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HangStrong has developed gymnastics workshops and training programs based on a wealth of experience and knowledge. Coaches include world class gymnasts, CrossFit® trainers and exercise science graduates. Our combined knowledge and testing has resulted in a complete and proven training method to improve functional gymnastics movements.


Former Elite Gymnasts
Balitmore Anthem GRID League Athlete

Thomas is a former elite gymnast who represented Australia at the highest level. Career highlights include two Commonwealth Games Gold Medals in 2010, travelling reserve for the London Olympics and competing at five World Championships. Following his retirement from the sport in late 2012, Thomas began sharing his gymnastics knowledge with CrossFit athletes. He is a registered Gymnastics coach and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and brings unique training techniques and progressions to the team, believing that anyone can master gymnastics movements.


- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
- CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
- Intermediate Mens Gymnastics Coaching Certification

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James Whybird

CrossFit Coach
Exercise Science Graduate

Jimmy is a head coach at City4051 Crossfit and enjoys the training and competition of the sport. He has been a registered CrossFit Level 1 trainer for over six years and has a degree in Exercise Science at the University of Queensland. During this time Jimmy has gained a wealth of experience coaching gymnastics movements to athletes of all levels and abilities. With the knowledge Jimmy has gained through university studies, combined with his experience as a trainer, he is very capable of effectively coaching all gymnastics concepts and movements to athletes of all levels.


- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Bachelor of Exercise Science Human Movements