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Specialised Gymnastics Programs

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Gymnastics Workshops

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HangStrong provides Gymnastics Movement coaching for CrossFit® athletes of all levels. Our gymnastics workshops and programs include specific drills designed to develop and enhance participant’s ability and confidence in a range of high value body weight movements.

The HangStrong team has developed gymnastics specific workshops and programs based on a wealth of experience in both Gymnastics and CrossFit® training and competitions.

Our Coaches include world class gymnasts and CrossFit® trainers. Our combined knowledge and testing has resulted in a complete and proven training method to improve functional gymnastics movements.

We regularly run workshops in gyms across Australia and New Zealand. Get in touch to find out about running a workshop in your gym.

Programs for athletes of all levels

If you are looking to improve your gymnastics move, no matter what your starting point is, we can help you. Our specialised programs are available to people everywhere. Just choose the option best suited to you and we will send you your virtual program.

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Sam’s background as a high level gymnastics coach and athlete, make him the go to man for all gymnastic movements and programming. He is approachable and passionate and explains drills and exercises in a way that even someone who has never done any type of gymnastics, can understand and put in to practice. In the four years I have been coached by him, I have learnt to do handstand walking, butterfly pull-ups and muscle ups, not bad for someone who initially came to the gym unable to do one pull-up. I would highly recommend the Hangstrong programme to anyone who wants to improve their gymnastics and all round athleticism 

Patsy Tierney

I've had Sam coaching myself to better my performance and also my staff in my affiliate to upskill them for close to 4 years now. He has given us all the necessary tools to advance and educate not only our members but also ourselves as we peruse our respective goals in CrossFit whether it be in coaching or as an athlete. Sam is highly knowledgeable, personable and has the ability to quickly identify minor movement imperfections and prescribe the progressions needed to suit each athletes skill level. Hes an asset to any athlete or coach that wants to progress their gymnastics. 

Logan Johnstone

Sam has been into our gym for several workshops, helping our members dial in on their gymnastic skills. He is such an amazing coach and is able to pinpoint instantly to each individual where and what their focus should be to improve our movement/s. The amount of knowledge that is taken away just from one class is enough for our members to have dramatic improvements in their skill set to which we have seen time and time again. Sam’s humble nature shines through as a coach and he has taught a vast range of our members, helping some build confidence to kick up into a handstand or assisting others with stringing numerous sets of toe-to-bar or pullups and helping fine tune our more advanced athletes with their bar/ring muscle ups. He is an asset to any gym anywhere 

Benay Aiomanu

Sam from HangStrong Gymnastics is the best gymnastics coach I have come across during my time as an athlete competing at the Individual Regional level and as a coach that has owned two affiliates and coached many athletes to the Individual Regional level. His knowledge is backed up by years of experience at the international level and a TRUE passion to help the athletes he works with reach their best. I highly recommend you immerse yourself in his workshops, online programs or even 1-on-1 coaching. Learning from someone with that kind of experience dramatically accelerates your results.

John Templeton - High performance Coach


We have personalised programs for all levels and abilities